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Fake N95 disposable masks so much? How to avoid pitting whil source:News time: 2020-04-19  Views:
Along with the development of industrialization, many cities are faced with serious environmental pollution, the early stage of economic development at the expense of the environment, along with the threat of environmental pollution to human health, such as haze, dust, smoke and so on are persecuting our health all the time, but these can not be solved at once. Many people will consider that wearing masks or cup activated carbon mask. And cup type activated carbon mask is one of the mainstream disposable N95 masks in the market.
Face mask material and quality will also affect the filtering effect, and it will affect the health of the body. Now more and more people pay attention to the health of the body, so they'll think more about health-related products.  Acquisition N95 disposable masks need to take full account of market demand. However, At present, there are a lot of fake, poor quality, taste of disposable N95 masks in the market, which can not be effectively filtered. Consumers is also constantly poor evaluation after using this kind of mask. 
As a N95 disposable mask manufacturer, 
Allmasks fully considered this problem in the market, using medical production standards, developed a MG-0403 cup activated carbon mask, four layers of activated carbon, high efficiency and low resistance, so our N95 mask is effective to filtration of solid particles, dust, combined with activated carbon adsorption, removal of odour and other organic molecules. Suitable for all kinds of high dust industry and outdoor anti-haze use.
To meet the personalized demand of N95 disposable mask market, Venas Safety can also customize cup activated carbon mask according to the needs of customers.
To protect the health of more people, 
Allmasks has always insisted on the use of medical standards to develop and produce disposable medical masks, and are committed to provide the market with better quality N95 disposable masks. All kinds of products are exported to Germany, the United States, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Brazil, Venezuela, South Africa and more than 50 countries and regions around the world.