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High incidence of influenza use medical mask, three layers o source:News time: 2020-04-19  Views:
In the winter, diseases such as respiratory infections and influenza have begun to rise. Especially when the next year is approaching, when people are crowded, talking, coughing, and sneezing at close range will also increase the possibility of droplets transmitting diseases.
Many people choose to wear medical protective masks for prevention. However, there are many types of masks. What are the types of masks and what are they suitable for?
1. Ordinary cotton or gauze masks. This is the most common and basic mask. In the cold weather, many people will wear to resist the cold wind. It has a certain isolation effect and can be dustproof, but it has almost no antibacterial and haze effect.
2. Medical protective masks. The most common is a blue disposable nonwoven mask. It can effectively isolate droplets and prevent bacterial infections. It is often seen in hospitals. Many people also wear it when they have a cold or when the flu season is high. It is also the subject of evaluation in this issue.
3. Anti-haze masks. The high incidence of smog also brought fire-resistant masks. These masks are usually precision designed to fit the face and filter particles in the air. To protect PM2.5 with smaller particles, the filtration performance is more demanding. Relatively speaking, anti-haze masks are also more expensive than ordinary, medical masks.
How to choose a medical protective mask?
Allmasks Three-layer Mask
Soft to the touch, odorless, tasteless, flat and without damage, strong adsorption, good adhesion, blocking the transmission of droplets, dust or intrusion into the human body, easy to wear It is used for medical, school, public transportation and general home protection, and is used to prevent virus, droplets and dust from entering the human body.
Allmasks Folding N95 Mask
Four-layer N95 dustproof mask, high efficiency and low resistance, can effectively filter solid particles and dust, and cooperate with breathing valve to make breathing more smooth. Suitable for various high dust industrial industries and outdoor anti-fog and haze use.