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What are the advantages of medical mask materials? source:News time: 2020-04-19  Views:

Speaking of medical masks, everyone is no stranger. In hospitals and other places with many germs, many people often see them wearing medical masks. So how do medical masks prevent toxins such as germs from entering the human body?
Earlier from the material of medical masks, the filter cloth it used mainly adsorbed bacteria and viruses and blocked pathogens. The dense filter layer uses N95 filter material to filter out particles and effectively block flying wipes, blood, body fluids and secretions. Thing. Mask strips are two long strips that pass through the channels on both sides of the mask. The nose is clamped in the upper center of the filter layer and placed between the dense layer and the filter layer. The material is metal or metal-plastic composite, which has both plasticity. It also has a certain strength, which makes it easy to seal the nose when worn.
It can be said that medical masks are a very good item to protect mutual infection between medical staff and patients, so it must be made according to national requirements to make the bacteria filtration efficiency reach 95% or more, which is the most important role of medical masks. Generally speaking, in order for the mask to effectively protect the body, there are certain requirements on the specifications of the mask. It must cover the mouth and nose of the person so that people can breathe freely. Generally speaking, the size of adult medical masks is mostly 18 * 9, while the size of children's medical mask is 15 * 9.
Medical masks are made of non-woven fabrics. This material does not require weaving. It is made by bonding some fibers. It is often made into 2 layers of masks, 3 layers of masks, and multiple layers of activated carbon masks.
Medical masks can effectively prevent fine dust in the air, especially the barrier efficiency of respiratory dust below 2.5 microns, because dust of this size can directly enter the alveoli, which has a great impact on human health. The principle of using medical masks is that when dust passes through the gauze, it will pass through layers of barriers, and these dusts will be adsorbed on the gauze, so that fresh air enters the respiratory system.

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