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3M Mask


• Certificate: CE, NIOSH, FDA
• Structure type: folding
• Wearing method: headband
• Headband connection: headband nails
• Recommended applications: Dust and certain organic vapor odors (such as benzene, gasoline, paint, acetone odor, etc.), such as decoration, assembly, cleaning, dismantling.
• Equipment maintenance, grinding, machining, grinding, etc Odors can also be used as basic protection against odors from smog and some atmospheric pollutants.
• Recommended industries: petrochemical, chemical, agricultural, pharmaceutical, electronics, laboratory, maintenance and repair.


1.Protective performance: The protective mask uses 3M's proprietary high-efficiency electrostatic filter technology.
It can meet the requirements of standard filtration efficiency performance; Adjustable nose clips and pads can help different users achieve good face adhesion
and reduce the possibility of fogging the glasses.
2.Comfortable performance: On the premise of meeting the filtration efficiency performance required by the standard, a special activated carbon layer has been added, which can remove certain organic vapor odors, making the breath fresher, and maintain low breathing resistance. The headband design is generally more comfortable to wear for a long time.
Something you should know about 3M mask
This product is only used for respiratory protection of certain particulate matter, does not generate oxygen, and cannot prevent gaseous pollutants with excessive concentrations. Improper using way can cause disease or even death.