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Markrite 9500-N95 N95 NIOSH Certified Mask
Basic Information

• Brand: Markrite
• Model No: 9500-N95
This masks are N95 compliant and have passed NIOSH review
•The biggest feature of N95 mask is that it can prevent droplet infection caused by patient's body fluid or blood splash.
•N95 mask barrier rate is over 95%
•The materials used in N95 masks are non-odorous,non-irritating and allergic, harmless to the human body
•N95 mask is the first choice for medical workers
•N95 mask can effectively isolate new coronavirus
•N95 masks can help prevent flu effectively
•N95 masks can help reduce exposure to certainly inhalable microbial particulates such as mold, anthrax, tuberculosis
•Certificate: NIOSH/FDA/CE Certified